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Galaxy Birth

"From the Ashes"

While many people have seen maps of the galaxy, few think of them as evidence that something is missing. A galaxy is formed from an explosion of a magnitude unimaginable by mortals, yet an explosion is three dimensional, moving outward from a single point. The point in this case is the galactic core, the point that the entire galaxy spins on. Why then is our milky way decidedly flat? Why does not only the chance of life, but the chance of suns and planets get smaller and smaller the more one moves away from the "galactic plane". Some scientists brush off the question by asserting that it's the spin of the galaxy that has determined its shape, that centrifugal force has created this phenomenon. 

In nearly every deific-based religion, you will hear the words, "In the beginning..." or their equivalent. The words go on almost without fail on some variation of "and the hand of god split the darkness and where the hand had been, there was light, and god saw that it was good." 

Now one must wonder, taking this into account, "What lies outside of the swipe of the hand of god?" Many argue that nothing is there. Complete vaccuum. But one must also wonder why god moved his hand through that area, and further, why was that hand then taken away? 

Is the darkness really empty? or is there something in the darkness, preying on the light... 

a few weeks ago, contact was lost with Andros IV, a small colony noted both for the mushrooms grown there, and for the fact that it is the farthest inhabited planet from the galactic plane. It was nearly time for their resupply, so the ship left early. Now the supply ship has gone missing... 

And so, the USS Glenn sets off to investigate...

Open Positions from the Manifest

Chief of the Boat

Chief Engineer
Assistant Chief Engineer
Engineer's Mate

Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Physician's Mate

Chief Tactical / Security Officer
Security Crewman
Master at Arms
Security/Tactical Relief Manager

Counselor's Mate

Flight Control:
Chief Flight Control Officer
Asst Chief Flight Control Officer

Assistant Chief Operations
Relief Operations Manager

Support Staff:
Chief Cook
Janitorial Chief

Chief Diplomatic Officer

Intelligence Analyst

Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Scientist's Mate

Chief Bartender
Lounge Waitress
Lounge Waitress
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